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Kiran Belose specializes in text analytics and computational linguistics. With 18 years’ experience in core technology solutions, he actively consults Indian and global organizations such as Cambridge University UK and IIT Bombay among others. He has been working with technologists, academics and communication professionals to develop solutions which enable businesses to derive insights from unstructured data Experience with analytics in B2C, B2B ecommerce and Communication Businesses across Indian and global organizations. Has been actively contributing to the field of unstructured data analytics and mining of regional content. I am from Palgad and hence have started this research project www.talukadapoli.com to digitise the knowledge and information which old, pure, unheard and has vast history which might just die out in few years. Trying to store the digital copy of the knowledge with www.talukadapoli.com

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ब्रिगेडियर निजानंद विष्णू बाळ

दापोली तालुक्यातील लाडघरसारख्या एका दूरस्थ व दुर्गम खेड्यात निजानंद विष्णू बाळ यांचा जन्म १८ डिसेंबर १९१० रोजी झाला. त्या काळात गावात जे...